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We assist companies that are looking for opportunities in Mexico with practical experience and plant start-ups. We specialize in supporting the maquila industry start operations in our country.

In the process of Plant Start-Ups, our services include:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Specialized packing of high-tech equipment
  • Industrial plant transfers
  • Site selection and contract revision
  • Design and lay-out
  • Construction Project Management
  • Electromechanical Installations
  • Installation and start up of production lines

For Project Management, we provide:

  • Budget Review and Project Timing
  • Coordination and special services
  • Management, coordination, and integration of on-site processes
  • Coordination and Integration of Engineering and Conceptual Arquitecture
  • Assessment of customers’ facility requirements
  • Bilingual Construction specifications
  • Comprehensive quotations

Among the services we offer are:

  • Masonry Works (demolitions, excavations, foundations, ramps, landfill and compactation, slabs, beams, block and brick installation, as well as finishes).
  • Plumbing Services: installation of toilets and sinks, water tanks, filters, water purifiers, kitchens for industrial diners, grease traps, vacuum and compressed air piping, purified water systems, etc.
  • Industrial Paint: painting of steel columns and beams, high altitude painting, safety painting, general and textured painting.
  • Installation of industrial epoxy floor, conductive and static control (ESD) floor tile, ceramic and marble floors.

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  • Installation of steel structure walls and roof for industrial plants (reinforced concrete, cement block or steel sheets).
  • Installation of sheetrock, thermo-acoustic and fire proof ceilings
  • Installation of clean rooms
  • Installation of fire- resistant and sound-proof rooms
  • Installation of fire protection curtains and doors
  • Installation of residual water treatment reservoir, channeling, trenches, sewers, sumps, cisterns, etc.
  • Gardening, from design t
  • green area maintenance
  • Steel Works and welding: waste carts, work stations, compressed air piping, flanged or welded, loops and special orders
  • Industrial Electricity (Low and high voltage, installation and maintenance of substations, transformers, busways, panels, load balancing, filters t
  • reduce peaks, energy harmonic checking, and installation of Uninterrupted Power Systems- UPS, etc)
  • Design and manufacturing of mezzanines
  • Specialized wooden packing t
  • ship heavy machinery, precision machinery, robots and others with reinforced pallets and humidity-proof bags for land or oversea shipments, and their necessary maneuvers.
  • Electromechanical Installations: movement of production lines, uninstalling and installation of industrial machinery, ovens, ducts, robots, collectors, etc.
  • Design and custom manufacturing of wooden furniture for office or meeting rooms.
  • We offer maintenance outsourcing with work teams according t
  • your plants specific needs and schedules.